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3 Easy Steps to Connecting Your New Refrigerator

You shopped until you dropped, and finally found the perfect refrigerator for your home. Now it’s time for delivery and installation. In a few easy steps, you will have your fridge ready to get chilly. Follow this guide to connecting your new refrigerator, and you will be relaxing and admiring your new kitchen plumbing appliance in no time.

1 – Connecting the Ice Maker

Ice Maker

The first step is to shut off the water and drain the water line. Once the water is shut off, run the water from your sink to make sure it is completely drained.

You will then want to tap into the cold water supply line, which will either be located in the basement or under the kitchen sink. This is done by piercing the pipe with a stop valve.

Most new refrigerators come with an ice maker kit, including a saddle valve, and tubing. Once the pipe has been pierced, completely open the valve to allow water to flow through the tubing.

You will need to feed the tubing to the fridge, and connect the kitchen tubing to the refrigerator valve. This is usually located at the bottom left corner. This will allow for water flow to the refrigerator, and up into the ice maker.

2 – How to Properly Connect the Water Dispenser

Water Dispenser

Once the ice maker is connected, water should also flow to the water dispenser, enabling it to work.

Always check for leaks after installation, just to be sure all the plumbing was done properly.

Keep in mind also, that while saddle valves are convenient, they aren’t top of the line for kitchen plumbing equipment. Saddle valves can rust easily, are more prone to leaks, and are illegal to use by plumbers in some states.



3 -The Benefits of Having a Professional Installation

Professional Installation

When you opt to have a plumber install your refrigerator, you are ensuring things are done correctly.

With the proper tools, and experience, a plumber can efficiently install your fridge in less time, and you will know you won’t have to deal with leaks down the road.

Keep this in mind if you are on the fence about hiring a plumber. Plumbers have a certain standard we must meet, and we care about the jobs we do. While it may have an extra cost attached to it, it will provide you with peace of mind in the future.

Don’t play around with your kitchen plumbing, call Champion Plumbing. After searching high and low, and going through every appliance store in Edmond, OK, you have finally come home with your brand new refrigerator. The hard part is over. Time to relax, kick back, and grab a cold one.

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