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10 Signs of Bad Plumbing in Your Home

Plumbing provides critical functions in our homes. From safe drinking water to water for laundry and other chores, we depend on our plumbing systems for a baseline of day-to-day comfort and independence. 

Whether you’re a new or seasoned homeowner, plumbing issues can take you by surprise. When plumbing issues arise suddenly, you must contend with hefty repair bills and, potentially, periods without safe running water. 

However, bad plumbing has a way of revealing itself. At Champion Plumbing, we can help you spot the symptoms. We’re expert plumbers in Edmond, OK, and we provide our clients with the knowledge to make the most of their plumbing systems.

In this blog, we discuss ten warning signs that your home has bad plumbing. If you’re experiencing a plumbing emergency, call now for expert diagnostic and repair services. 

10 Warning Signs of Bad Plumbing

Below, you’ll find a list of often-overlooked signs of plumbing issues throughout your home. Remember that while one of these signs on its own may not seem significant enough to call in a plumber, repeated occurrences or multiple warning signs mean it’s time to act fast. 

# 1: Slow-moving or Clogged Drains

One of the most commonly neglected signs of plumbing issues is slow-moving or wholly blocked drains. Don’t let a blocked drain result in a cracked pipe or worse. If your clogged drain doesn’t respond to DIY unclogging methods, call a plumber ASAP.

# 2: Poor Water Pressure

In many cases, water pressure issues come on gradually. For this reason, many property owners don’t notice water pressure decreases until they become significant. By this time, damage to pressure tanks and other plumbing fixtures may be extensive. Avoid this problem with regular plumbing inspections and maintenance. 

# 3: Little or No Hot Water

If your faucets provide nothing but cold water, you may have an issue with your water heater or boiler. Cold water from a water heater could result from several issues, including broken valves and corroded thermostats. Get a diagnosis from a plumbing expert to save time and money on repairs or replacements. 

# 4: Flooding in Yard or Other Locations

If you see standing water in your yard, basement, or other locations in or around your home, you may have a severe plumbing issue on your hands. Standing or flooding water can result from poor drainage or could be a sign of a serious water line break.

 Turn off your water supply to prevent skyrocketing utility bills and contact a plumbing professional immediately. 

# 5: High Utility Bills

Water leaks under your home or in the main water line may not become visible for some time. In these cases, your home’s utility bills may gradually increase over time or may show a sudden and considerable increase. 

For homes with wells, utility cost increases for bad plumbing may appear on electricity bills instead.

# 6: Water Stains in Basement

Because basement spaces often have poor seals and lighting, these environments sometimes have preexisting mildew or moisture. In these cases, it may be difficult to spot leaks. 

However, sizeable stained concrete or other basement flooring areas may indicate bad plumbing. If humidity and moisture in your basement accompany stains on the floor or ceiling, schedule an inspection as soon as possible. 

# 7: Spots on Ceilings or Walls

Like stains on your basement flooring, any wet or oily-looking patches on your walls or ceilings may signify water damage. In these areas, spots form when pipes crack or seals corrode. 

Typically, these leaks start small. By the time visible patches appear on walls or ceilings, significant damage has already occurred. If you see wet spots on your roof or walls, leave the area for safety and call an expert for inspection. 

# 8: Mildew and Mold

Humidity often leads to mildew or mold formation, especially on organic surfaces such as wood. Often, mold and mildew appear in the corners of ceilings or along the baseboards of walls. If you notice black or green spots while cleaning, protect your health and safety by moving away from these areas. If your mold accompanies a water leak, contact a plumbing expert, followed by mold remediation if necessary. 

# 9: Bad Smells Coming from Drains

In most cases, bad smells emanating from drains signify buildup within the drains or pipes. Especially in kitchen sinks, organic material may stick inside lines, gradually breaking down and releasing smelly gases. 

In other situations, pungent smells from your drain may indicate a bigger, more dangerous problem: backflow. Backflow is when contaminated wastewater travels back into water lines, mixing with clean water supplies. 

Backflow can result from damage to sewer lines, changes in pressure throughout your plumbing system, and other issues. Have a plumbing professional diagnose and solve your backflow issue to maintain safe drinking water in your home. 

# 10: Strange Sounds From Water Fixtures

When pressure or other elements in a plumbing system become imbalanced or damaged, that system may emit strange sounds. 

If you hear screeching, groaning, rattling, or gurgling noise from your faucets or drains, this is cause for alarm. These sounds indicate potentially serious plumbing problems, such as air in your plumbing lines. That air could be from backflow, damaged pipes, or many other issues. 

Use your plumbing as little as possible and contact professional plumbing services as soon as possible. 

How to Prevent Plumbing Issues

As they say, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. When applied to plumbing, the best way to protect your home’s plumbing system – and your wallet – comes from preventative measures.

From annual inspections to repairs large and small, plumbing experts provide services that should help you cover all your bases. 

Find Expert Plumbing Services in Edmond

Suspect your home may have bad plumbing? Don’t hesitate. Reach out to our Champion Plumbing team at 405-889-1318 to request a diagnosis and estimate today. 

 Want to know more about the importance of a plumbing air vent and other key plumbing features? Keep browsing our blog before you call.

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