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signs water heater is going bad

8 Significant Signs That Your Water Heater Is Going Bad

September 8, 2021

Water heaters are easy to forget about when they are working correctly. But, there is nothing worse than when the water heater breaks down. If you are searching for the warning signs the water heater is going bad, we’ve got you covered. 8 Significant Signs Water Heater Is Going Bad We’ve compiled a list of...

what constitutes a plumbing emergency

4 Conditions That Constitutes a Plumbing Emergency

September 8, 2021

You’ve shut off the water after washing the dishes in the kitchen sink, but you notice there’s a consistent drip that refuses to die away afterward. About an hour later, you wonder if the drips have picked up speed, becoming more dramatic and intimidating as they fall from the faucet head. You can’t tell if...

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