Common Reasons Your Plumbing Smells

Your plumbing system is intricately designed to keep water flowing in your home, withstand pressure, and expel waste. It works very hard for you, day in and day out, without any breaks. Sometimes, however, issues such as foul smells can all of a sudden pop up in your kitchen or bathroom sink.

This occurrence is your plumbing’s way of telling you it needs a drain cleaning, and fast. Read on to discover reasons why your plumbing smells, and how to put a stop to it.

You Might Be Dealing with a Contaminated Sink

WhatWaterSink contamination can occur in a few ways. Food and debris buildup is the leading cause of a contaminated sink.

Scraps from leftover meals, combined with soaps, oils, and other particles, can get stuck in your pipes. Over time, these organic materials rot, causing a bad smell.

Drain cleaning will eliminate the odor by washing out the clogged food and debris, and it keeps the plumbing clear and your sink stink-free.

There Could Be Sulfur On Your Pipes

From the contaminated sink can come a specific rotten egg smell. This smell is directly related to sulfur. Hydrogen sulfide, to be exact. This gas is emitted from your pipes as a result of bacteria either from sewage backup or contamination within the pipes.

Hydrogen sulfide is produced when sulfates found in drinking water interact with a magnesium rod, commonly used in hot water heaters. This reaction causes hydrogen sulfide, producing the foul rotten egg smell. You can correct this by replacing the magnesium rod with an aluminum one instead. Also keeping up on your drain cleaning will help keep any bad smells at bay.

What Is the Next Step?


If you’re in a pinch, you can try eliminating the odor on your own. Pour ½ cup of baking soda, followed by 1 cup of vinegar down your drain. Then run the hot water for about 30 seconds. This DIY drain cleaning method might just do the trick. It might, however, only be a temporary solution.

At the end of the day, if you are fighting with stinky sinks, the only solution is to contact a professional. Our plumbers at Champion Plumbing are licensed and trained to deal with all kinds of smelly pipes.

If your vehicle is making an unfamiliar noise, you’re not going to pop the hood and start fiddling around underneath it. No, you will take it to a mechanic, who will diagnose the sound for you. The same is true with your plumbing system. Don’t waste time fumbling around with your pipes when instead you can call a professional who regularly deals with these problems and can fix it for you.

Now you are in the know when it comes to smelly sinks and drains. Don’t put your plumbing on the back burner. Deal with it right away, and don’t be afraid to call in a plumber for help. Your pipes deserve it.

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