Love. Serve. Care.

Champion Cares

At Champion Plumbing, we live by the motto “Love. Serve. Care.” We have a deep passion for our community and want to give back to our neighbors in any way that we can.

Little Light Christian School

Little Light Christian School

Little Light Christian School’s mission is to help children whose parents are incarcerated or have a history of incarceration by empowering and educating them in hopes of breaking the cycle. The school offers a tuition-free private school experience and a safe space for children. For us, there is no better way to give back to the community than helping future generations. Little Light is not only a place to help students better their education, but it also provides them with thousands of hot meals and necessary supplies.

Champion Plumbing partnered with Little Light Christian School to bring much-needed outdoor playground equipment to the school to help ease the strain of social distancing. As part of their commitment, Champion Plumbing matched $5,000 in donations as part of a recent fundraising campaign.

Branch 15


Branch15 offers an 18-month, Christ-centered program geared toward teaching life skills to women as they begin their transition back into society. Since the very beginning, our hearts have been with women and children. We knew that we wanted to find a way to help and support them, and Branch15 has provided us an opportunity to do so.

As part of a partnership with Branch15, Brent Harpole with Champion Plumbing will teach basic plumbing skills, such as turning off the water before attempting a repair, to the residents. Champion will also include informational handouts for participants.

Mid Del Food Pantry

Mid-Del Food Pantry

Mid-Del Food Pantry focuses on providing safe and nutritious food to the residents of Eastern Oklahoma who need it the most. Organized in 1984, this nonprofit is supported by many churches and civic groups. This great showing of support to help those in need is what brought them to our attention. We are dedicated to giving back, and this organization is a great representation of that.

Champion Plumbing is a Platinum Partner of Mid-Del Food Pantry, providing financial contributions to assist their mission of feeding the needy.

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