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Drain Cleaning Service FAQ

The cost of a “drain cleaning near me” depends on several factors, including the size and extent of the problem. A single clog will take a drain cleaning service much less time than removing a sewer line blockage deep within your home’s structure. Clogs can also affect your piping, which may warrant additional plumbing repairs after we’ve removed the clog.

Our drain cleaning service will always provide an up-front drain cleaning cost before starting any work. Our team will perform an inspection to identify the issue and provide you with a quote on the spot, allowing you to make an informed decision about whether to proceed.

Sewer lines sit deep underground, which can make removing the clog extremely difficult. You can use natural products like baking soda and vinegar to clear small clogs in your fixtures, or hot water to remove grease buildup, but these won’t be as effective as the tools that plumbers have at their disposal.

No matter what you try, don’t use store-bought chemical decloggers. These use extremely harsh chemicals that can affect your pipes, making them brittle and prone to cracks and leaks.

Unclogging a sewer line is a difficult and dirty job. Sewer line clogs aren’t as simple as home plumbing clogs and can contain roots and other obstructions that need professional attention. If you’ve tried to clean your sewer line with no success, be sure to call a drain cleaning service as soon as possible.

Even if you’re careful about what you put down your drains, they will eventually suffer from clogs due to the natural buildup of organic matter and grease. It’s a good idea to clean your sewer line as a preventative measure. For most residences, a good cleaning every two years is a good schedule to keep your sewer line clear and functioning correctly.

Plumbers have a wide range of tools to clear drains, including drain snakes, rooters, or, in extreme cases, hydro jetting. The drain cleaning plumber will choose the right tool for the job depending on the type of the clog, its location, and the size and severity of the clog.

Drain snakes are a great option for small clogs in household drains. If only one drain has evidence of a clog, we know that it’s in the fixture’s pipe and can use a drain snake to clear it without disrupting the rest of your home’s water supply. The drain snake will either pull the clog out or disperse and flush it away through the home’s pipes, depending on the nature of the clog.

Sewer drain clogs are a bit more complex and can include root systems penetrating and blocking the line. A rooter can cut through all obstructions, leaving the sewer line clear.

Hydro jetting is an excellent way to prevent grease and debris build-up by thoroughly cleaning the pipes before clogs can develop. It can also demolish smaller clogs without harming the line.