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7 Environmental Plumbing Solutions You Should Consider for Your Home

Homeownership can be a costly endeavor, but investing in your home’s infrastructure early on could spare you major inconvenience in the future. 

 If “going green” and reducing your energy usage is important to you, you may be pleased to learn that your investment can be beneficial to both your pockets and the planet. Saving the environment could be as simple as changing some of the plumbing fixtures around your house. 

 Using environmentally friendly plumbing techniques in your house could save you a lot of money and increase the sustainability of your plumbing system. To schedule an inspection or repairs to your plumbing system, contact our plumbing experts in Norman, OK, for assistance. Ask our experts how you can use the techniques suggested in this article in your own home. 

 You can apply any or all of the following environmental plumbing solutions to increase efficiency and save energy at home: 

  1. Change Your Faucets
  2. Fix Leaking Pipes
  3. Insulate Your Pipes
  4. Use a Tankless Water Heater
  5. Use Eco-Friendly Products
  6. Reduce Time at Home
  7. Install Low-Pressure Toilets

 As more of us strive to improve our relationship with the planet, we find more creative ways to work sustainable, eco-friendly solutions into our daily habits. In this article, we will explore how making these adjustments can help conserve energy and lead to a more optimal future. 

1. Change Your Faucets 

 Installing low-flow faucets and showerheads will reduce your water usage. Most standard faucets allow a higher water flow than you need. If you shower multiple times a day, just imagine how much excess water you’re using. 

 A more efficient showerhead can save several gallons of water per shower with no noticeable change in water pressure. You can save some extra change on your next water bill with no loss of comfort. 

2. Fix Leaking Pipes 

 It’s easy for small cracks in your pipes to go unspotted even as they silently lead to larger issues. Leaking pipes waste an estimated trillion gallons of water every year in American homes. This drives up the cost of water, and you may not even notice it until you see it reflected on your next water bill. 

 It’s best to fix any noticeable cracks or leaks right away, as even the smallest amount of dripping can end up causing you trouble. If you note any damage to your faucets or unexplained increases in your water bills, have a trained plumber inspect your pipes ASAP. 

 The material of your pipes can also play a part in an eco-friendly plumbing system. Copper pipes are very easily recyclable and do not require the use of harmful chemicals for installation like plastic or other materials. Iron is also a suitable substitution, as it is 100% recyclable. 

3. Insulate Your Pipes

 During the colder months, water takes a longer time to heat. How often do you run your shower before hopping in because the water is too cold? This is because the hot water has to travel from your water heater through icy pipes to reach your faucet, losing heat along the way. 

 Insulating the pipes will help keep the water warm for longer as it makes its way to you. You may insulate some of your pipes on your own, but it’s best to have professional help with any complex or underground pipework. 

4. Use a Tankless Water Heater

 This option is more expensive, but it could save a lot of energy down the line. Older water heaters store water in large tanks that require a lot of energy to heat. These models have to first fill the tank, then heat the water before sending it all the way to your faucet. 

 Newer models heat water only as you need it, saving you time and electricity. 

5. Use Eco-Friendly Products 

 Everything that travels through your pipes also travels through the larger sewage system, which can contaminate groundwater and poison other animals. Avoid flushing or pouring harmful chemicals or food grease down your drain. 

 In the case that you need to unclog or treat a drain, avoid using harsh drainage treatment products. Many common household products use toxic chemicals that are detrimental to your plumbing and the immediate environment. Consider an eco-friendly alternative instead. 

6. Reduce Time at Home

 An even simpler solution is to go outside. The easiest way to save water and electricity is to use less of it by spending time away from home. Consider taking advantage of longer, warmer days and venturing outdoors. This way, you only use energy when necessary.

7. Install Low-Pressure Toilets

 Along with other water fixtures, toilets contribute to high water usage. Excessive flushing or overflowing can waste a lot of water, but installing a low-pressure toilet can cut that amount in half. 

 Dual-flush toilets go the extra mile by providing multiple flushing options. These toilets allow you to use less water (usually 1 gallon) for liquid waste and more water (usually 1.5 gallons) for solid waste. This may not seem like a big change, but these small differences do contribute to your total water utilization.

 If your toilet is leaking or continuing to run after flushing, you should contact a plumber. You may need to have a part repaired or replaced. For more information, please see the reasons for an overflowing toilet.

When to Contact Us

 Again, it is best to have any damage to your plumbing taken care of as soon as you spot it. Neglecting these issues will not only cost you more money but may even lead to serious injury. Remember, some parts of your plumbing system use both water and electricity. It is important to keep these parts in good shape to prevent accidents. 

 Have a professional do repairs for you to avoid potential damage to your plumbing system. 

 At Champion Plumbing, we understand how difficult maintaining your home can be, and we are here to help. Call us at 405-451-1634 for speedy, reliable service in Norman, Oklahoma.

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