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How Do I Find the Sewer Line on My Property?

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As a homeowner, you’ll encounter many issues that will require urgent attention. One of them is plumbing-related trouble. If your plumbing system isn’t in excellent shape, it will be harder to enjoy all the standard comforts of a modern home.  Therefore, when you notice a plumbing problem in your home, it’s only natural to troubleshoot the problem as quickly as possible. However, you may not succeed if you don’t know the location of your sewer line.

As Choctaw’s experienced plumbers, we often receive calls from people asking, “How do I find the sewer line on my property?” We’ll provide the answers and more in this post.

Why You Need To Know the Location of Your Sewer Line

It’s imperative to know the location of your sewer line for a number of reasons.

Remove Clogs

Clogs in the sewer line will make every plumbing fixture in your home drain slowly. Severe clogs can also cause water backup within your home. Remember, every pipe from every faucet, sink, toilet, or bathtub leads to the sewer line. If your attempt to clear clogs from inside your home hasn’t yielded results, you may need to access the sewer line to take the troubleshooting outdoors.

Avoid Accidental Damage

Are you revamping your landscape? You risk damaging your sewer line during the digging and excavation work that will follow. A broken pipe is an additional expense you should avoid.

You’ll have even bigger problems to worry about if the sewer line suffers hidden damage and ends up causing leaks toward or into your foundation. So, it’s best to locate the sewer line before you start any major construction work in your yard.

Sewer Line Maintenance

We recommend cleaning your sewer line every two years at the very least. It’s one of the best ways to prevent major plumbing issues. Preventive maintenance can help stop clogs from forming. If you call a professional for the job, they can also inspect the line for root damage and ensure it’s still in excellent shape.

If you live near trees, sewer line maintenance becomes doubly important, especially for older homes. The roots are always aggressive once they pick up the tiniest trail of water. Regular sewer line maintenance will help you keep tabs on the activities going on around the lines.

Recover Lost Items

Did your toddler throw your vintage wristwatch or sunglasses into the toilet? You can recover them if you can access the sewer line. If you discovered the mishap in time, there’s a high chance the object isn’t too far away from your home yet.

How to Find the Sewer Line

If you’re one of those asking, “How do I find the sewer line on my property?” you have a few options you can try.

Find the Main Drain

The main drain is the central drain pipe that collects all the wastewater from your home for onward transfer to the city’s sewer system or to the septic tank. You can find it by looking around your home’s exterior for plumbing access points.

Circle your property lines and check for a wide sewer pipe that exits your home before entering into the ground. If you can find this pipe, your sewer line is almost certainly close to the same area.  

If you can’t see the main drain, you can find its possible location by following the pipe from major plumbing fixtures like the toilet. Make a note of where the toilet waste pipe entered the wall and follow it.

Call the Previous Owner

If you’re asking, “How do I find the sewer line on my property?” because you’ve just moved in, you can call the previous owners if you’re in contact with them. Even if you’re not, you can find their contact information in municipal tax records or on your deed. If they lived on the property long enough, they’d have answers for you.

Ask the Neighbor

If you live in a housing development where properties have a similar design and construction, there is a high chance your neighbor’s plumbing is the same as yours. Ask them about the location of their sewer line and check for yours around the same area.

Contact the City Government

The government keeps maps that clearly outline the location of underground utilities, such as sewer lines. Some municipalities will provide the information over the phone. Where that’s not practical, you can visit the municipal building and safety division or the engineering department.

Once you provide your address, they’ll pull up the map archives for you.

Hire a Professional Plumber

If you don’t want to go through the hassle of asking people about your sewer line or making the trip to the municipal offices, hiring a plumbing professional is your best bet. A qualified plumber will find your sewer line faster. They will also mark the area for you and provide guidance on how to navigate any sewer line problems you may have.

Champion Plumbing to the Rescue

Plumbing problems are intimidating for a variety of reasons. Aside from the fact that you don’t want to make any costly mistakes, there’s the natural aversion to handling waste. So, when you find yourself asking, “How do I find the sewer line on my property?” it’s best to leave the job to the pros!

At Champion Plumbing, we’re proud to be the number-one choice for all sewer line problems in Choctaw, OK. We are experts at locating sewer lines quickly. We can also handle all the problems plaguing the line regardless of the sewer line pipe material.

Call the Champion Plumbing team in Choctaw, OK, today at 405-889-1318 to book a consultation.

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