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Five Reasons Why Your Pipes Are Making Noises

Strange sounds coming from your pipes are more than an ear sore. These noises often indicate that there is a problem with your plumbing system. From faint ticking noises in the wall to loud banging coming from your washing machine, your plumbing system can create some pretty annoying situations. 

Instead of putting in your headphones and ignoring the noise, reach out to Champion Plumbing so we can address any pipes that might be making noise. Our expert plumbers have seen it all when it comes to residential pipelines. We understand how annoying a noisy plumbing system can be as well as the importance of addressing the minor issues.

Learn more about our residential plumbing service. 

Various plumbing issues can result in pipes making noise. Some require minor fixes that you can do yourself, while others require professional repairs. Below are five reasons why you may have a noisy plumbing system. 

1.Water Flow Issues or High Water Pressure

Loud banging is the most common noise among residential plumbing systems. These banging noises are typically the result of improper water flow in your pipelines. Water pressure that is too high for your particular plumbing system will cause the pipes to shake, resulting in either loud banging noises or humming. 

Loud banging noises resulting from water flow or pressure issues are also known as a “water hammer.” This often occurs when water quickly flowing through the pipes suddenly stops due to a quick faucet or valve shut off, the momentum of which results in banging sounds. To resolve this issue, a professional plumber may install a hammer arrestor that helps redirect the water. 

When checking the water pressure, you will want to refer to the pressure gauge to check the PSI. The water pressure should not exceed 55 PSI, but when it does, loud banging noises and various other plumbing issues are to be expected.

Increased water pressure issues can typically be resolved with a pressure reducer or pressure regulator, both of which are found in most homes today. If you have difficulty verifying the water pressure or using the pressure regulator, reach out to Champion Plumbing. Our plumbing experts are ready for whatever your plumbing system throws at you.

2.Old Hardware

High-pitched whistling sounds are another common pipeline issue. This particular noise is typically the result of aging pipes.

Over time, your plumbing system will become worn out and less efficient. When the nuts and bolts loosen or weaken, the pipes will start to create a whistling sound as water runs through.

Thankfully, whistling pipes are usually an easy fix. A plumber will be able to tighten up the loose nuts and bolts and restore your pipes. This should resolve the issue; however, an older plumbing system with consistent problems may need more than a simple repair. 

Some pipe materials will last longer than others. When you hire a local plumber, part of their job will be testing the infrastructure of your pipes and making sure that everything is up to code. 

3.Clogged Pipes

If you hear a strange gurgling sound coming from your plumbing system, you likely have clogged pipes. Over time, your pipes collect debris and waste, which can quickly build up and block water flow. In some cases, foreign objects such as plastic can find their way into the pipeline. 

A clogged pipe causes more than gurgling sounds. If ignored, clogs can damage your pipes and lead to more severe problems such as cracks and pipe bursts. Removing the clog will typically silence the gurgling noise and restore proper water flow.

Unclogging your pipes is as simple as calling your local experts at Champion Plumbing. Removing a clog as soon as you notice it is critical to preventing further complications and restoring your pipes to working order. 

4.Poorly Insulated Pipes

Pipe insulation is easy to overlook, but it is a critical practice for plumbing maintenance. Poorly insulated pipes, especially copper ones, can result in all sorts of noises. 

As your water heater gets to work, warm water flows through the pipes and causes them to expand. When this happens, the pipes will start to rub against the inside of your house, resulting in that annoying squeaking sound. 

Turning down the water heater will often reduce such noises. When this doesn’t work, it’s time to install better insulation for your pipes. 

5. Leaking Pipes

Noisy pipes could be leaking water. Leaking pipes often make a faint ticking sound that is sometimes difficult to hear. 

Pipe leaks are often an easy fix; however, they should be addressed right away. Over time, the small amount of water slipping out of the plumbing system adds up and gradually increases your water bill. Instead of wasting water, call Champion Plumbing so we can patch the leak and silence your pipelines. 

It is important to remember that a faint ticking sound is not always an indication of a plumbing problem. In some instances, hot water will expand your pipes and make ticking or squeaking noises; this is completely normal. 

Professional Plumbers for When Your Pipes Make Noise

Noisy pipes are annoying and may indicate a more significant issue. When you hear whistling, banging, or any other sound coming from your pipes, call the top-rated plumbers in Midwest City, Oklahoma

Our experts know the importance of a functioning plumbing system. Minor issues that seem like no big deal can affect your water supply and lead to some frustrating issues. At Champion Plumbing, we value your time and aim to provide friendly and efficient plumbing services. 

We begin every job with a thorough inspection to locate the problem and determine its severity. Once we know where the problem is, we can show you the best repair solutions and plumbing maintenance practices. When you hire a Champion plumber, you get a friendly and knowledgeable expert dedicated to restoring your plumbing system as quickly and effectively as possible. 

When your pipes are making noise, let the experts at Champion Plumbing restore the silence. Call us today at (405) 504-3649 for fast and friendly service.

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