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Four Common Water Heater Problems and How to Address Them

If you’ve got water heater problems in Edmond, OK, leave it to the pros at Champion Plumbing to fix them right the first time. Call us at 405-725-1534 for diagnostic, repair, or replacement service. 

Ah, the trusty water heater. The unsung hero of your stress-alleviating showers. Thawer of snow-frozen fingers and washer of dishes! Our water heaters work away tirelessly, asking for nothing in return, while we take their reliability for granted and toil away with our fancy and fresh warm water.

Like any appliance in your home, every now and then, the water heater will need attention. Here are some common water heater problems and how to address them. 


An average household may have a water heater tank of 50-60 gallons. That’s a lot of water running across your floor! If you detect a leak in your water heater, take note of where the water is coming from. If it’s pooling at the bottom, it could be a leak in the tank itself—in which case, you will need a new water heater. 

However, it could also be normal condensation or water coming from the overflow pipe to keep the unit in check. Inspect all the connections to see if any are loose. If tightening connections doesn’t stop the leak, call a pro plumber to investigate further and make necessary repairs. 

Temperature Troubles 

If your water won’t get warm enough, gets too hot, or won’t stay hot for long, the thermostat could be malfunctioning. A water tank that’s too small for your current living arrangements, or a tripped breaker, could be causing this common problem, too. 

Try adjusting the thermostat and resetting the breaker. If those fixes don’t work, a wiring problem or bad heating element could be the case. Whether you have a gas water heater or an electric water heater, our Champion Plumbing pros can get your temperature settings back to where you need them.  

Strange Sounds

Sediment buildup in your water heater tank can cause several issues, one of which is strange noises. You will need to turn your hot and cold water off, wait for the water in the tank to cool (about one to two hours), and then drain the tank with a garden hose to clear the sediment. 

You can prevent this occurrence by proactively draining your tank once a year as part of your regular home maintenance schedule. You can also look into tankless water heaters as a solution. 

Off-Color Water

If you see discoloration in your running water, it could be a problem with the water heater. To find out if the heater is at fault, run only the cold water for a few minutes to see if the water runs clear. If cold water runs clear, but hot water is brownish or rusty, the problem is sediment buildup in your water heater tank. 

You can drain the tank to clear the buildup. If your tank is more than 10 years old and experiencing this condition, you should replace it. 

If you’re having any of these common water heater problems and aren’t sure how to address them, be sure to call Champion Plumbing, the leading team in water heater repair in Edmond, OK, at 405-725-1534.

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