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Eliminating waste is essential for every home. It allows your home to remain clutter-free, sanitary, and environmentally friendly.

One of the best ways to get rid of waste in your home is by installing a garbage disposal.

The contractors at Champion Plumbing have decades of experience servicing the Bethany community with garbage disposal installation, repair, and replacement services. We are happy to help you in your quest to eliminate waste from your home.

Plus, we offer emergency plumbing services 24/7!

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Benefits of Garbage Disposal Plumbing

These are a few of the benefits that a garbage disposal can provide to your home.

Eliminate Foul Odors

Firstly, a garbage disposal helps eliminate foul odors from your kitchen. When food and other debris get stuck in your pipes, it can cause your entire home to smell.

The reason for the odor is because food begins to rot in your drain. The longer it is stuck, the worse the smell gets. A disposal ensures that all food particles flush down your drain, allowing for high air quality in your home.

Unclog Drains

Secondly, a disposal enables you to keep your drains smooth and functional. Clogged channels can lead to pipe bursts and other critical issues that cost a lot of money to repair.

A garbage disposal forces items down that could block your pipes, causing fewer clogs. If you do encounter a clog in your disposal, call a professional plumber immediately.

Environmentally Friendly

Garbage disposals are also safe for the environment.

When you put food particles – bones, meat, fruits, veggies, etc. – through a garbage disposal system, you help eliminate waste build-up at landfills. Garbage disposal systems send this waste to facilities equipped to handle them, allowing us to reduce the amount of waste we put in our trash.

Clogged Sink Cleaning

Clogged Sink Cause

Several factors may cause your sink to clog.

Food Debris

One of the most common things that stick to your pipes is food debris. It is hard for drains to digest all the food that comes off your dishes. Thus, it is common for chunks of food waste to clog your drain.


Grease is the culprit of many clogged sinks. It floats on the surface of water and coats the top of your pipes. Over time, this grease combines with other oils you pour down the sink to create sediment that blocks your pipes.

These clogs can cause your sink to overflow, which causes a myriad of other issues such as water damage and foul odors.

Aging Pipes

If your drainage pipes are getting old, it may be time to consider getting a replacement. Though they tend to last for a long time, you can encounter consequences if you do not replace them in time.

Aging pipes are more likely to burst or clog. A plumbing professional will let you know when you can expect to have to replace your drains.

Frequently Asked Questions

Many Bethany homeowners come to us for plumbing advice. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions we receive from clients.

We highly recommend contacting a professional plumber to install your garbage disposal. The principal reason for hiring a plumber is they know what they are doing.

That will give you peace of mind, knowing they will perform the installation correctly.

Garbage disposal installation has a lot of intricacies. Anytime you are dealing with a vital system such as your drainage pipes, it is ideal to hire a professional to help.

However, if you have experience with drainage systems, you can install a disposal without assistance.

Depending on your needs, garbage disposal installation cost varies. However, it is more affordable than most people believe.

You should expect to spend anywhere between $100 to $600 on a garbage disposal.

In short, garbage disposals can be either hardwired or plugged into an outlet.

Typically, a plumber will want to install a separate circuit for your garbage disposal. It may be possible to use the same circuit as your washing machine, but it is better to be safe than sorry.

Get a Garbage Disposal Replacement or Installation

When installing a garbage disposal, you should seek out a reputable plumbing company. You want a professional contractor who is capable of doing an exceptional job. Our plumbing contractors are fully insured and licensed, making us liable for any damages that we may cause.

You can ask about Champion Plumbing’s garbage disposal installation services in Bethany, by calling 405-889-1318.

We are happy to walk you through our process and schedule an installation!