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If you suspect a gas leak in or around your home, it is essential to search for a “gas leak plumber near me” and contact an Midwest City, plumber who is also a skilled gas leak detector. Champion Plumbing offers skilled professional workmanship and same-day service for all your plumbing needs, including gas leak detection.

Gas Leak repair by Champion Plumbing in Edmond OK

Gas Leak Detector

What Do Gas Leak Detectors Look For?

Professional gas leak detectors look for many of the same signs you can look for in your own home. The most obvious sign is the smell of rotten eggs, caused by a chemical called mercaptan. Mercaptan is harmless, but it gives the gas the distinctive odor of rotten eggs when added to natural gas.

Other signs that professional gas leak detectors look for include:

Gas leak detectors also look at the connections to your gas-powered appliances. A loose or broken connection may result in a slow leak that you may not even smell at first. If you feel inexplicably tired, nauseous, or dizzy, open the windows and get outside away from your home before calling the gas company.

Gas Leak Detection FAQs

Many plug-in gas leak detectors include alarms that function like smoke detectors. An in-home gas leak detector monitors the air of your home for combustible and toxic gases and sounds an alarm if it detects such substances in the air.

Natural gas smells like hydrogen sulfide or rotten eggs, so it’s easy to detect. If you smell rotten eggs, your gas appliances or gas line may be leaking. Open the windows, go outside away from your home, and contact the gas company.

The first step to fixing a gas leak is to turn off the gas flowing to that part of the line. The gas company will be able to do this safely and show you where the gas shutoff valves are in your home so you can shut them off in an emergency.

After turning the gas off, the plumber can assess the condition of your pipes and find the cause of the leak. Depending on the extent of the leak, your Champion plumber may be able to repair it and restore your gas service the same day.

A gas leak typically clears anywhere from 30 minutes to a few hours, depending on ventilation and the severity of the leak.

Repairing a gas leak may run as little as $120-$170. Serious gas leaks may cost thousands of dollars to repair if the plumbing company or gas company must excavate to get to the damaged pipe.

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