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How to Pick a Toilet for Your Home: Factors to Consider

Selecting a toilet is a big choice for any homeowner. You have a lot of factors to think about when deciding on the kind of toilet you want, including brand and style.

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Picking a Toilet: The Basics

Many homeowners think all toilets are the same before they start shopping around. In fact, you have many options to choose from when it comes to completing your bathroom in Norman. First, you have to decide on the basic toilet style you want. 

Two-Piece Toilets

Two-piece toilets have been the norm for decades in the U.S. They have a bowl and a separate tank, with the tank connecting to the back of the bowl. 

One-Piece Toilets

One-piece toilets look like a seamless unit. The tank attaches directly to the bowl, giving the entire toilet a very sleek appearance. In addition, these toilets do not have the crevices associated with two-piece toilets, making them easier to clean. 

Wall-Mounted Toilets

You also have the option to select a wall-mounted toilet. These toilets do not have a stand and often do not have a visible tank. They take up a minimal amount of space but usually cost more than stand toilets. 

Wall-mounted toilets generally have very few nooks or crannies, making them easier to clean than many stand models. 

Round-Front Toilets

Round toilets are usually more compact than other options. Therefore, they fit well into smaller bathrooms. You can have a round one-piece or two-piece toilet, depending upon the style that you prefer. 

Elongated Toilets

The bowl of an elongated toilet sticks out more than a round toilet. Many people find it more comfortable to sit on an elongated toilet, but this is a personal preference you may not share. 

Picking a Toilet: Sizing 

Not all toilets are the same size. You should check the height, depth, and width of the space where you want to put the toilet before purchasing. Most stores sell:

  • 10-inch toilets
  • 12-inch toilets
  • 14-inch toilets

You also have the option to select a tall toilet. Many people find tall toilets more comfortable, but they may not fit small bathrooms. Keep this factor in mind when choosing a toilet. 

Picking a Toilet: Flushing System

As you think about how to pick a toilet, make sure that you consider the toilet’s flushing system. Standard toilets generally work well for the majority of property owners. 

However, you can also select toilets with powerful jets. These toilets scrub the bowl each time you flush, which can minimize the amount of time you need to spend cleaning your toilet. 

You may also consider toilets with larger flush valves. Bigger flush valves reduce the likelihood of a toilet clog by giving the system more room. For example, some toilets have a flush valve 4” in diameter, helping you avoid clogs. 

You can check out a toilet’s flushing performance before you make your purchase. Review sites like Consumer Reports provide detailed information about how well toilets flush. It’s especially important to select a good flusher if you have a large family. 

Picking a Toilet: Pressure-Assist vs. Gravity Toilets

Manufacturers have developed pressure-assist toilets in recent years. These toilets are generally more efficient than traditional gravity toilets. 

Pressure-assist toilets have a special tank that holds pressurized water. The toilet releases this water each time you flush, and the water enters the tank at a significant velocity to remove waste more effectively. 

Pressure-assist models usually do not sweat, as well, because they keep the water inside a separate tank. If you’ve had previous issues with a dripping tank, keep this in mind. If you want to keep a gravity tank, consider a model with tank insulation. 

However, pressure-assist toilets cost more than gravity toilets, and they are very noisy. In some cases, you can’t even hear the television over the noise of a flush. In addition, some homeowners have trouble finding the parts required to repair pressure-assist toilets if they break down.

You can speak to a plumber before installing a pressure-assist toilet to determine if it’s a good choice for your home. 

Picking a Toilet: Dual-Flush vs. Single-Flush Toilets

Most homes around the country use a single-flush toilet. These toilets use the same amount of water each time you flush the toilet, regardless of how you use the bathroom. 

Dual-flush toilets give you an option to use less water in some situations. They come with two flushing buttons; one flushing button uses 0.8gpf. Generally, you use this button only for liquids. 

The toilet also comes with a 1.6-gpf button. You can use this flushing option for solids. These toilets use around a quarter less water than traditional single-flush toilets, helping with water savings. However, they often cost more than single-flush toilets. Some homeowners also report finding the flushing mechanism awkward to use. 

You can get pressure-assist and gravity double-flush toilets, allowing you to select the features you want in your bathroom. 

Picking a Toilet: High-Efficiency Models

Toilets use about a third of a household’s water in most cases. However, you can reduce the expenses associated with using the toilet by considering a high-efficiency toilet (HET). These toilets use around 1.28 gallons of water for each flush. 

You can identify HETs by the presence of the WaterSense label. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) handles the classification of HETs. 

Many homeowners save thousands of gallons of water a year by installing a high-efficiency toilet. However, some of these toilets have issues with clogging because they do not use as much water as other models. 

Picking a Toilet: Consider the Price

Are you wondering how to pick a toilet? In many cases, a portion of this choice comes down to the price tag for the toilet. Companies charge varying amounts for their products, but you can expect to pay around $100-$500 for a gravity toilet.

You’ll find higher price tags for pressure-assist models. Most of these toilets cost around $225-$600. Getting the cheapest toilet can lead to issues down the road, as these toilets often have trouble flushing and may break more quickly than other models. 

You can save money on a toilet purchase by waiting for a sale or looking into rebates. For example, utility companies sometimes offer rebates if you purchase and install a high-efficiency model, which can offset installation expenses. 

Picking a Toilet: Personalization Options

You have every right to pick a unique color for your toilet. However, keep in mind that this makes it harder to sell your home in the future. Most prospective homeowners want a standard white or off-white toilet and avoid homes with different colors.

You can also select a cushioned seat, which many homeowners find more comfortable at first. However, these seats often begin cracking fairly quickly, making them less comfortable and diminishing the aesthetics of your bathroom. 

Keep these factors in mind as you look at new toilets for your home.

Allow Us to Help You Pick a Toilet

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