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Mold After a Water Leak: How Fast Does It Grow?

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Experiencing a water leak within your plumbing systems can create several other problems in your home and increases the potential for mold growth in the affected area. Many homeowners find themselves concerned about the growth of mold after a water leak and aim to take preventative measures to reduce the possibility of mold growth in their space.

Knowing how to handle a water leak and address the possibility of mold at the first signs can prevent it from growing and spreading in your home. You can reduce the chances of mold by contacting our team at Champion Plumbing to get the best of Edmond’s expert water leak repair and advice for handling leaks and related issues.

When Does Mold Start Growing?

Unfortunately, mold can begin to grow fairly quickly, especially with the right conditions. Experts agree that mold can begin to develop as soon as 24 to 48 hours after a water leak and may occur even sooner in warm, damp, and stuffy environments. In the early stages, the mold may not appear visible to the eyes, and in many cases, it doesn’t become apparent until about 18 days after it begins growing.

Identifying the warning signs of mold and treating it during the early stages of its growth can make it easier to get rid of and prevent it from causing further issues. You can also learn about the environmental conditions and signs of mold to help you identify mold and choose the best treatment for it before it spreads throughout your home.

What Affects the Growth of Mold?

Mold grows more quickly when it occurs in the most favorable conditions and can continue to spread when the environment remains suitable for the distribution of spores. These conditions include a variety of environmental factors that you can work to control, such as:

  • The temperature in the area: Mold generates the most rapidly in warm air and weather. Higher temperatures in the area of the water leak may cause mold to grow quickly and widely.
  • Proper ventilation in your home: Having proper ventilation to keep an area clean and dry can slow the growth process. Mold thrives in stuffy and humid areas.
  • The number of organic surfaces: Mold spores can latch onto and spread across organic surfaces rapidly, so having more organic surfaces in your home can increase the growth of mold. Homes with organic paint on the walls or ceilings may experience more rapid growth and larger amounts of mold in these areas.
  • The time before addressing standing water: Allowing the water from the leak to stand and remain in the area can increase the speed and chances of mold growth as it increases the dirt and moisture in the area. The longer you leave the dirty water in the area, the more likely mold will grow and the quicker it can spread.

How Can I Prevent Mold Growth After a Leak?

With proper attention and timely action, you can prevent, or at least decrease, the spread of mold after a water leak or plumbing issue in your home. Getting the leak repaired as soon as possible and addressing the issues in your plumbing serves as the most important step in preventing mold, but you can also take the following actions to make the environment less conducive for mold growth:

  • Remove extra water: After the water leak and necessary repairs, you may have a puddle of water or moisture in the affected area. Removing as much of this water as possible with a towel, mop, or drain reduces the overall moisture in the area and can weaken the mold’s ability to spread.
  • Increase air circulation: Having proper ventilation in the room or area of the leak makes the conditions less favorable for mold growth. Open windows or place fans near the wet areas to get air moving through the room, making it more difficult for the mold to reproduce and spread.
  • Reduce air moisture: Humid areas with excess water or dampness can expedite the growth of mold. Reducing the moisture in the air by placing an air conditioner or dehumidifier in the affected area can prevent further growth as well as reduce the musty smell that may occur from the leak.

When to Call a Mold Expert

Sometimes, mold that grows rapidly can cling to surfaces and become difficult to remove or prevent. Calling mold removal experts can help with extracting and killing mold spores in your home, as these professionals have access to more effective methods and machinery.

Large amounts of indoor mold can cause potential health risks and reduce the air quality in your home. The EPA and other experts recommend seeking professional treatment when more than ten square feet or a three-by-three-foot patch of mold appears in your home.

Battling Mold with Champion Plumbing Services

Nobody wants to deal with a mold problem in their home, and many homeowners don’t have the tools to handle leaks and mold on their own. If you find yourself worrying about mold after a water leak, our team of experts at Champion Plumbing can help you repair the leak, soak up the extra moisture, and keep the area clean and dry to prevent mold growth before it begins.

Our team can also help you identify the signs of a main water line leak and provide repairs to reduce leaks and reduce the chances for mold to grow after a leak. Protecting your main water line from leaks and issues keeps your home protected from mold and water damage and increases the security of your plumbing systems.

After a water leak, call our team of experts at Champion Plumbing at 405-889-1318 for water leak repairs in Edmond, OK, to remedy the situation and prevent the chances of mold growth. We have the tools and expertise to deliver exceptional, reliable services every time!

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