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Replacing Water Pipes in Your House: When Is It Necessary?

Does your home need professional plumbing services or pipe replacement? Call professionals from Champion Plumbing at 405-889-1318 for help replacing water pipes in your house!

Your plumbing system is one of the most critical components of your home. Without healthy pipes and faucets, it would be much harder to perform simple tasks like cooking, bathing, and cleaning. Therefore, when plumbing issues arise, it’s essential to resolve them as quickly as possible.

After living in the same house for many years, your water pipes will likely require replacement at some point. Avoiding pipe replacement will not only exacerbate the problem over time, but it is also dangerous for your family. 

Understanding the dangers of aging pipes and the signs that require replacement is essential. However, repiping a house is not a job for anyone inexperienced. Call Norman’s reliable plumbers from Champion Plumbing immediately if you notice any of these signs. 

The Danger of Aging Pipes

Aging pipes may not seem like a top problem impacting your home, but there are various problems that old pipes can cause, some being bad for your health. While replacing water pipes in your house might seem costly, the benefits of getting a new pipe material and eliminating old pipes outweigh these costs.

Old pipes can cause issues ranging from low water pressure to rust contamination that can harm your family’s health. Even if your water is working fine, noticing any of the problems associated with older pipes means it’s time to call professionals to assess the state of your plumbing. Depending on your pipe material, it might not be as long as you expect before you need to replace your existing pipes.

Avoid causing damage to your home or health issues for your family by being proactive about getting new pipes installed. Professionals from Champion Plumbing can perform replacements quickly and carefully, restoring your indoor plumbing to optimal working order.

Signs You Need to Replace Your Pipes

Equally important to understanding the potential danger of old pipes is to know the signs that your pipes might need replacing. Replacing water pipes in your house becomes critical once these symptoms begin and continue to worsen.

Moisture Buildup

Moisture buildup is a sign of aging pipes that can manifest in a few different ways. First, micro leaks from years of wear and tear can start letting small amounts of water out. This water will begin to accumulate on the surface of the pipes resembling water droplet formation.

Another sign of moisture buildup appears in drywall around areas where there are a lot of water pipes. If you notice grey spots in any of the walls or ceilings of your home, there is likely moisture buildup resulting from old pipes. 

Mold Growth

Mold growth is both a byproduct of water leaks and a symptom of aging in its own right. You might notice mold growth as it infringes on your walls or appliances connected to your water pipes. Regardless, this is one sign you should not ignore.

Mold growth is not only a symptom of a problem but a problem itself. Ignoring mold could lead to additional problems with your home’s structures and cause expensive damage. Furthermore, mold can weaken your home’s structure and ruin furniture, appliances, and other features.

Water Discoloration

Discoloration of your water is one of the easiest and maybe most disgusting signs that your pipes are too old. When brown or lightly orange water flows from your pipes, this should alert you that they require replacement.

While water discoloration usually results from rust you can see on your pipes, not all the pipes in your home are visible without special equipment. Therefore, water discoloration means it’s time to call professionals to investigate the problem.

Obstructed Water Flow

Your water pressure can provide a helpful clue that your pipes are ready for replacement. Both sudden bursts of high pressure and low or obstructed water pressure can signal expired pipes. Overall, a healthy plumbing system should provide clean and consistent water flow without fluctuations in pressure.


Leaks are another symptom of old pipes that can manifest in a few ways. The various connectors and mechanisms that plug your plumbing system into the appliances throughout your home could begin to leak, along with shower heads, faucets, or even faucet handles.

More significant leaks could cause severe damage to your home. If you notice grey spots on your ceiling or walls, there’s likely a considerable leak. Should this leak break through the ceiling or wall, water damage could threaten your entire home.

The Look of the Pipes

Sometimes it’s easy to tell that your pipes require replacement just by looking at them. Signs of aging might include grey, green, or orange rust spots and a brittle appearance of the pipe material. These symptoms are also contributors and result from many of the other signs of pipe aging.

Remember, old pipes of different materials will look quite different. While metal pipes present rust, PVC water pipes might look thinner or more feeble. Nevertheless, taking a look at your pipes might give you the motivation to call professionals from Champion Plumbing.

Dangerous Contaminants in Water

If you live in an old home, your water pipes may be lead or polybutylene. New homes no longer use this pipe material as lead can contaminate your water supply and threaten your family’s health. 

Since these contaminants are invisible, asking professionals about your pipe material is crucial when you move into a new home. Homes with these pipes will require immediate replacement.

Hire Expert Plumbing Services from Champion Plumbing in Edmond, OK

Now that you understand the dangers and signs of old pipes, you must have professional plumbers who can perform these replacements. Plumbing technicians from Champion Plumbing can perform replacements on your water pipes with expertise, care, and efficiency.

If you need to replace water pipes in your house or want to learn more about low water pressure problems in showers, call 405-889-1318 and schedule a service consultation with professional plumbing technicians from Champion Plumbing.

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