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Water Filtration System

Edmond Water Filtration System Installation

Not satisfied with the water coming into your home? Are you sick of buying bottled water? You may need water filter installation services for your Edmond home. Call Champion Plumbing today and enjoy the convenience of purified water right from your faucet.

For many people, the water coming out of the tap is unsatisfactory. It tastes and smells bad, and it gunks up pipes and faucets. If you’d like great tasting water that’s healthier for your family, call Champion Plumbing today and ask about our water treatment services.

Advantages of Installing a Whole House Water Filtration System

Most consumers aren’t aware of all the minerals, heavy metals, and chemicals in their drinking water that comes out of the tap. Besides minerals like magnesium and calcium, most residential tap water is treated with chlorine to kill germs. However, some studies show this chlorine can lead to health risks. When you hire us for water filter installation services in Edmond, we will eliminate chlorine and other chemicals from your water, making it better tasting and safer to drink.

How Does a Reverse Osmosis Filter Work?

A popular home water purification method is reverse osmosis filtering. This technique provides exceptional water quality by pushing water through a semipermeable membrane which eliminates impurities. Any impurities that get through are removed via additional filters. To find out how much better your water can be with a whole house water filtration system, call our Edmond based plumbers today for a consultation.

Can a Whole House Water Filtration System Save You Money?

In a word, yes, and here’s how. For many residents, the taste and quality of their tap water is subpar at best so they opt to buy bottled water instead. The money saved on buying bottled water can pay for a house water purification system and it saves the environment by not throwing away all that plastic. Call us to find out what other benefits you can enjoy with our water filter installation services in Edmond.


Concerned that your home’s water supply could be affecting your health? Call Champion Plumbing at 405-342-3571 in Edmond to learn about our whole house filtration services.

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