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A malfunctioning toilet disrupts daily life for everyone living under the same roof. A clogged or leaking toilet is virtually unusable and requires immediate attention by a licensed professional.

Toilet Repair

Fortunately, the team of plumbing experts at Champion Plumbing is on call 24/7 and ready to assist residents of Blanchard, and the surrounding areas. We provide round-the-clock service to restore your toilet to working order as fast as possible so that you can return to your daily routine.

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Signs of a Malfunctioning Toilet

There are several working components to a toilet, any of which can stop working at any given time. When one component stops working, the entire system is at risk of breaking down. Don’t wait for leaks and backups to occur before addressing the issue.

The first indicators of toilet trouble include:

If you notice any of these issues, contact the team at Champion Plumbing immediately.

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Common Issues That Require Toilet Repair or Replacement

In many instances, a toilet component only requires a replacement part or repair to a single component, while some malfunctions warrant a toilet replacement. The most commonly occurring issues include:

The toilet is clogged

Most people take a plunger to a clogged toilet and, in some cases, that is an effective fix. However, if the issue persists, there may be a blockage somewhere in the plumbing vents that requires professional attention.

The toilet is loose at the base or wobbly

An unstable toilet base is an indicator that the toilet wax ring and floor seal are compromised. Once the seal has failed, water will start to leak and settle into the floor. This type of malfunction requires immediate repair to avoid mold and rot caused by water damage.

Water runs constantly

If the toilet runs even when not in use, a component in the water tank requires attention.

The toilet doesn’t flush properly

Perhaps your toilet is an older model that needs to be retired, in which case we recommend replacing it with a new high-performance model.

Commonly Asked Questions

Read on to find answers to the most commonly asked questions about toilet repair:

Depending on the type of repair, you can expect to pay a plumber anywhere from $130.00 to $300.00. The national average cost is $220.00.

A toilet is a key component of your plumbing system and should be replaced by a licensed professional.

Trickling water is usually the result of the slow leak caused by a flapper that needs to be cleaned or replaced.

The hissing sound is probably the result of a faulty fill valve that won’t close completely. It may also indicate that your toilet is leaking.

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