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How Does Trenchless Plumbing Work?

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Many homeowners dread having to replace their sewer lines, and for good reasons. It’s a tedious, stressful process that will typically involve digging up the yard. It’s an experience you’d surely want to avoid, especially if you’ve worked hard over the years to get your landscape looking well-manicured.

However, technological advancements in the plumbing niche mean that the traditional method of sewer line repair or replacement is no longer the only way to fix these problems. Trenchless plumbing is making life easier for property owners across the country.

As Edmond’s sewer line repair and installation experts, we have completed many trenchless plumbing projects. We’ll explain what this new method of sewer line repair and replacement entails, as well as the pros and cons. 

What Is Trenchless Plumbing?

Trenchless plumbing aims to repair or replace damaged pipes underground without digging trenches across the work site. It’s a method of plumbing that works for sewer line repair and replacement.

There are two main types of trenchless plumbing: pipe lining and pipe bursting. With either method, the project will begin with the plumber digging access holes where the sewer line connects to your home and out on the streets where it joins up to the city mains.

For the pipe lining method, also known as trenchless sewer repair, the plumber will insert a sleeve-like product with an epoxy coating into your existing pipe. Next, they will inflate the sleeve and wait for it to solidify, giving you a new pipe inside your old one.

Just as the name sounds, the pipe bursting method will not preserve your old pipe. Instead, the plumber will insert a guided device dragging a new pipe into one of the access holes, pulling it out at the other end. As the device passes through the old pipe, it will break it apart, leaving the new pipe in its position. This method of pipe replacement is far more straightforward compared to the alternative.

The Advantages of Trenchless Plumbing 

Trenchless plumbing has grown in popularity in recent times because of its long list of advantages. Some of them include the following.

Minimal Property Damage

In trenchless plumbing, the crew will not need to dig a trench across your property following your sewer line. Therefore, there will be no damage to your landscaping, and you won’t need to demolish anything to complete the repair work. The plumbing crew will only dig two access holes, which are far easier to manage. Most crews will carefully control the excavated dirt to avoid leaving an unsightly mess when they are done. You (or the crew) can replant any shrubbery around the area easily.

Lower Project Costs

If trenchless plumbing is a practical choice for your sewer line repair or replacement, it’s highly likely that it will be significantly cheaper than traditional trench plumbing. This is because you won’t need to pay for many manual laborers. Additionally, you won’t need to spend money on restoring your landscaping to its former glory.

Shorter Project Timeline

Traditional plumbing that involves digging takes time because you have to wait for the laborers to complete their leg of the project before your plumber can lay the new pipe from your home to the city sewer line. Barring any complexities, traditional plumbing can take up to two weeks to complete. On the other hand, a trenchless plumbing crew can complete their job within a few hours.

Minimal Disruptions

The traditional method of sewer line replacement is highly demanding. You may need to close the street for a while. You also can’t use your plumbing while the crew is at work. Most people have to move in with family or friends for the project duration because it’s unrealistic to be at home for days without access to your plumbing system.

On the other hand, the trenchless plumbing crew can resume work in the morning and complete their job before you’re back from work. So, even in cases where both methods of plumbing will cost similar sums, trenchless will always win due to its unmatched convenience.

Better Results

The piping materials plumbers use in trenchless plumbing are far more durable than conventional options. They can hold up better against the common causes of sewer line damage. If you hire a professional for the job, you’ll likely never go through sewer line replacement or repair again.

Low Risk of Side Effects

When you dig trenches across an old property, there’s no telling what you’ll dig up. The crew may dig up asbestos and other forms of toxic waste buried underground for decades. With trenchless plumbing, the risks reduce to the barest minimum.

The Disadvantages of Trenchless Plumbing

Before you decide to go with this method of plumbing, there are a few downsides you need to consider.

Requires Working With Experienced Plumbers

The highly technical nature of trenchless plumbing means that it’s not a job for every plumber. You have to ensure your chosen plumber has the experience and the equipment to complete the job.

Not the Right Option for Every Project

Even with all the benefits of trenchless plumbing, it will not work in every scenario. If you have a collapsed sewer line, trenchless plumbing won’t work. Similarly, it may not be the best choice for fixing sewer lines wrongly installed by inexperienced contractors.

Discuss Trenchless Plumbing With Champion Plumbing

The days when repairing sewer pipes was a nightmare are long gone. With trenchless plumbing, it can be about as stressful as changing a showerhead.

However, you need to ensure you’re working with an experienced plumbing company familiar with trenchless plumbing techniques to avoid mistakes with the sewer line depth, sewer line material, and the actual installation process.

At Champion Plumbing, we are proud to be the premier choice for trenchless plumbing services in Edmond, OK. Call us today at 405-889-1318 to find out if trenchless plumbing is the right choice for you.

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