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Six Important Plumbing Considerations Before Washing Machine Installation

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When buying a new house, looking for a new place to rent, or building a home from scratch, one of your top concerns is probably convenience appliances like a washer and dryer or dishwasher. These machines make housework much more manageable and can save you time and money because of their efficiency.

If you’re considering a new washer and dryer for your home, you might not know what to consider before washing machine installation. Factors like what type of machine you purchase or the hookup locations in your house can seriously impact your ability to install an effective unit.

Discussing your home’s specs with a reliable plumber in Midwest City can help you identify the correct machine to purchase and the perfect location to place it. With Champion Plumbing, washing machine installation can cater to your needs and achieve your desired look and functionality. 

The following six considerations are the most important factors when deciding where to place washing machines or dryers in your home. Gaining a clear understanding of these considerations before installation will help you avoid costly mistakes.

1. Hookup Locations

The most significant factor impacting the placement of your washer and dryer unit is the hookup locations throughout your home. Unlike most appliances, washers and dryers require more than just a plug. These machines need access to electricity, water supply hoses with hot and cold water, and a drain hose or other drainage system.

Depending on the property in which you are trying to install these new machines, you might have limited or unlimited options for hookup locations. Ideally, you’re building or remodeling your home and will be able to choose where to install these hookups. However, there is already a designated laundry area if you purchase a new unit for an existing home.

Nevertheless, remember that bathrooms, kitchens, or a designated laundry space are the best locations for washer and dryer units. These spaces feature prominent water features and could likely endure limited water exposure of runoff from these appliances.

2. Type of Washer and Dryer: Stackable or Combined Appliance

These days, there are nearly endless designs and appliance types to choose from when considering a new washer and dryer. While many people tend to assume they’re purchasing two separate machines, it’s not necessarily the best plan for every home. In addition to picking a location with the proper hookups, you’ll also need to understand what kind of machine fits this space best.

Stackable units and combined appliances are the two main types of washers and dryers. Stackable units are the type of washer and dryer that usually comes to mind. These machines can either stand next to one another or stack, making them perfect for a bathroom cabinet or kitchen inset.

The combined washer and dryer unit became popular in Europe and is more recently becoming prevalent in the United States. These units are convenient as they provide both functions without taking up as much space. Although the entire laundry cycle is a little longer with this option, combined units are perfect for homes with limited space.

3. Size and Capacity of Your Washer and Dryer

Once you decide on your hookup locations and the type of unit you will purchase, it’s critical to consider the size. Remember that the size of your machines will likely also change based on the previous two factors. However, the washer and dryer needs of a family of six will differ from those of a bachelor.

Since laundry is crucial to almost every industry, there is a vast array of options regarding the size. Small units to large industrial units can fit inside most homes so long as the hookups are compatible. Make sure to leave some extra space for error when measuring your laundry area, as nothing would be worse than buying a unit that doesn’t fit.

4. Existing Plumbing

One factor that may not be on the forefront of your mind is the age of your home or neighborhood’s plumbing. While this consideration primarily depends on your dwelling, certain living situations like apartment buildings or neighborhoods with community plumbing systems could impact your potential washer and dryer unit.

Ensure that you research the age of your plumbing system and its capacity. Consider this before washing machine installation, as it will likely directly impact the type and size of machine you can install.

5. Ventilation Needs

Another often overlooked consideration for washing machine installation is the ventilation needs of your units. Ventilation will be especially critical for units placed in closets or confined spaces. Because of the heat production of washers and dryers, you want to ensure this heat can escape through the proper channels and avoid causing damage to your home’s structure.

Should you decide to place your new machines in a closet, install vents in the ceiling joists or back wall beforehand. Most bathroom contractors or plumbing companies like Champion Plumbing can install these vents into existing spaces.

6. Drainage System and Location

Considering the drainage systems you already have or will need to install is crucial to avoid expensive water damage in your home. Most often, washer and dryer hookups also include drainage systems that eliminate this concern. However, if you’re planning on installing an extra large unit or putting your washer and dryer in a basement, you might have more options.

Although a basement is not typically the ideal location for a washer and dryer, connecting it to your home’s drainage system is still possible. You will need to ensure that your hookups can reach up to your house’s drainage. Additionally, you should install rubber washers on your hookups to eliminate small water waste during laundry, as basements can quickly suffer water damage this way.

Washing Machine Installation with Champion Plumbing

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