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Water Heater Enclosure Ideas: Best and Safest Ways

Many property owners find hot water heaters unsightly and want to find a way to keep the system out of view. You can review hot water heater enclosure ideas with our team at Champion Plumbing if you prefer to keep the unit out of sight and out of mind.

Champion Plumbing’s residential plumbing services include repair and replacement. Our highly trained technicians handle heaters inside and outside of enclosures. Learn more by contacting us at 405-889-1318.

The Best Options for Hot Water Heater Enclosures

Finding the best option to enclose your hot water heater means focusing on your unique needs. The best choice for you often depends upon the location of your hot water heater and your budget for setting up an enclosure. 

Based on your situation, you may want to consider:

  •     Covering the water heater
  •     Blocking the heater off in an inside room
  •     Moving the heater outside 

Review the pros and cons of each of these hot water heater enclosure ideas right here. 

Simple Options to Enclose a Hot Water Heater

The simplest (and cheapest) way to set up water heater enclosures involves simply covering the unit up. Many property owners choose:


Do you have a fabric pattern that you like? Consider making a curtain out of it to hide your water heater. Make sure the curtain is long and wide enough to completely cover the front of your heater and set it up far enough away from the unit that the fabric does not come into contact with the system. 

Curtains represent a popular choice for water heaters located in a garage or basement. Additionally, you can change the curtain to a new pattern if you want to update the look of the area. 


Screens provide a slightly more substantial option than curtains. Homeowners have choices when it comes to screens, including traditional dividers and standing shutters. Manufacturers make wooden and plastic screens, which may be painted or otherwise decorated. 

Complete Indoor Hot Water Heater Enclosures

Are you interested in a more permanent enclosure for your water heater? For water heaters stored in the basement or kitchen, you may consider the following ideas.


The water heater closet remains a popular choice for property owners throughout Edmond, OK. Generally, you will decide on this option when you have your hot water heater installed. Professional installation technicians place the unit in the closet and ensure that all the plumbing lines are correctly connected. 

However, you have the option to construct a closet around a pre-existing water heater. Speak with a building contractor to discuss these hot water heater enclosure ideas.


Cabinets represent your other indoor storage option for electric and gas water heaters. Cabinets, unlike closets, often do not connect directly into the wall. You may purchase a free-standing cabinet to place around your hot water heater. 

Cabinets and closets both offer you more durability than you get from a curtain or screen. They tend to last longer, but they cost more as an initial investment for water heater storage. 

Consider Outdoor Water Heater Enclosures

What if you prefer not to keep your water heater inside your house at all? Perhaps you want to save the space for something else or do not feel like setting up a cabinet or closet to conceal the unit. In some cases, you can set up your water heater outside. 

The majority of outdoor water heaters require an enclosure to protect them from changing weather conditions. The enclosure also:

  •     Protects members of your family from getting too close to the unit and sustaining an injury
  •     Improves the look of the area around the water heater 
  •     Limits the damaging effects of rust 

Keep reading to explore outdoor hot water heater enclosure ideas. 

Types of Outdoor Water Heater Enclosures

Manufacturers offer three primary types of outdoor enclosures for hot water heaters. Each option comes with different pros and cons. 

Wall-Mounted Outdoor Enclosures

Do you want your hot water heater outside but still very close to your home? In this situation, the professionals may recommend a wall-mounted enclosure. Installation crews build these enclosures out of vinyl or metal. 

Frame-Built Enclosures

These enclosures have a wooden frame, generally covered by insulation and metal panels. You may also select a vinyl covering if you prefer. These enclosures do not connect directly to your home, meaning that water lines may run from the enclosure to your house. 

Metal Cabinet Enclosures

Finally, you may consider an outdoor enclosure that uses steel panels. Metal enclosures often provide your water heater the highest amount of protection from the elements. However, these enclosures also cost the most, which you may want to factor into your decision-making process. 

Factors to Consider with an Outdoor Water Heater Enclosure

Enclosures offer protection if you have an outdoor tankless water heater or a tanked model. However, before you decide on an outdoor option, make sure you consider all factors related to the installation. 

Outdoor water heaters still require ventilation, just like indoor models. Building an enclosure without ventilation may cause the system to overheat, resulting in a breakdown. Generally, these systems require vents at the top to release heat and gases. 

You also want to make sure you have enough space inside any enclosure. Most units require a minimum of two feet between the heater and the edges of the enclosure. Some heaters need more space in order to function correctly. 

Outdoor water heaters require insulation around the water pipes leading to your home. Keep in mind that bugs and pests may attempt to enter the enclosure. Install wire mesh or screens to keep spiders away from outdoor heaters. 

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