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What Is Pipe Relining: Process and Tools

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Both home and business owners understand how essential maintenance, upkeep, and repairs are for a property. Taking care of critical structures, such as roofing, indoor climate control, and plumbing drastically impacts the value and comfort of a residential or commercial building.

If you’re facing plumbing issues, you may have received a recommendation for pipe relining. If you did, you might have asked, “What is pipe relining?” or had other questions.

Fortunately, our team at Champion Plumbing can help. We’re expert plumbers in Noble, OK, and we put our knowledge and years of experience to work for you.

This blog discusses pipe relining and why it might be necessary for a home or business. We also cover the tools plumbing experts use during a project and popular pipe relining methods.

To learn more about plumbing services, keep browsing our blog. If you have cracked or damaged pipes in your residential or commercial property, don’t wait for these issues to escalate. Schedule a consultation with Champion Plumbing today.

What Is Pipe Relining?

So what is pipe relining, and how does it work?

Plumbing professionals use pipe relining to repair cracked, broken, or otherwise damaged pipes. The process creates a flexible yet solid pipe within existing pipelines, allowing the pipe to remain operational.

Pipe relining allows clients and plumbing professionals to repair pipelines without digging a trench, tearing out broken material, and installing completely new piping. As such, this method works very well for underground pipes without significant access points.

Why Pipe Relining Becomes Necessary

So under which conditions might pipe relining become necessary? Primarily, the need to reline existing pipes results from the following:

  • Common cracks or seal issues in pipe bends and elbows
  • Active corrosion prevention
  • Potable waterline infiltration prevention
  • The need for structural reinforcement
  • Minor damages in underground sewer pipelines
  • Cracked clay pipes

Any plumbing professional will inspect your plumbing system before recommending pipe relining. They should also recap what pipe relining is, cover all associated costs, and be prepared to discuss alternatives if needed.

Pipe Relining Tools

The tools plumbing professionals use for pipe relining vary depending on various factors.

Plumbing experts select special epoxy resins with which they will create the new pipe lining. The specific formulation of this material depends on the location, the type of pipe being relined, and the pipe’s intended use.

In addition to the required resin, plumbers use tools like pipe cameras, high-pressure water jets, pipe bladders, and more.

Our friendly experts at Champion Plumbing can answer all your questions related to the tools we use and the steps we take to reline your pipes.

Pipe Relining Methods

When a plumbing expert recommends pipe relining, they likely already have a relining method in mind that will work best for your residential or commercial plumbing system.

Depending on your needs and setup, you may hear one or more of the below terms during your consultation and estimate.


Cured-in-place pipe relining offers trenchless repair options for sewer and underground pipe repair.

When using this method, plumbers insert a flexible liner into the damaged pipe section and use special heat tools or ultraviolet light to harden or cure it.

Fold and Form

Fold and form pipe relining uses thermoforming to patch and reline pipes. Plumbers insert specialized PVC pipes, manufactured in a folded shape, into damaged pipes.

These inserts then expand, bolstering the surrounding pipe.


Slip lining works similarly to cured-in-place piping. Plumbers simply insert an entirely new lining into an existing and deteriorating pipe.  With slip lining, however, grouting stabilizes the new liner, eliminating the need for heat or UV curing.


Plumbers perform spray pipe relining by applying a polymer resin in spray form to the lining of a damaged sewer pipe. This method uses no structural lining and works best for pipes with minor structural damage.

Benefits of Pipe Relining

Pipe relining offers residential and commercial property owners a chance to repair damaged or degrading pipes without incurring the additional expense of digging, demolition, and total pipe replacement.

In addition to savings, other benefits of professional pipe relining include:

  • Long-lasting pipe function
  • Reduced damage to property and landscape
  • Faster repairs
  • More effective than simple patch jobs
  • Less disruptive to business or home schedules
  • And more

To learn more about pipe relining and how it could help with your plumbing issues, reach out to our plumbing professionals at Champion Plumbing.

Problems Pipe Relining Addresses

Pipe relining provides cost-effective solutions for a variety of limited plumbing pipe issues. Our experts at Champion Plumbing may recommend pipe relining for problems such as:

  • Superficial cracks in the surface area of a pipe length
  • Small water leaks at bends and joints
  • Significant seal issues
  • Long-term potential for pipe collapse
  • Moderately obstructed pipe flow

Cost of Pipe Relining

The overall cost of pipe relining services depends on several different factors. Your trusted plumbing experts from Champion Plumbing can provide an in-depth, upfront estimate detailing material costs, labor billing, taxes, and other factors that impact the total expense.

In general, expect the size of the project, the desired materials, and any other needed services, such as clog removal, scale removal, etc., to impact what you’ll pay out of pocket for pipe relining.

When Pipe Relining May Not Work

In some circumstances, pipe relining may not provide adequate repair. These situations include tree root infiltration, crushed pipe segments, and total pipe collapse.

Before recommending repair options, your plumbing technician will thoroughly inspect your pipe systems to check for irreparable pipe sections.

Professional Pipe Relining Services in Noble, OK

At Champion Plumbing, we use our expertise and years of experience to help every client find effective, affordable solutions for a wide range of plumbing issues.

Hopefully, this post answered the question “What is pipe relining?” for you. You can learn more by brushing up on environmental plumbing solutions and other information on our blog. Schedule a service in Noble, OK, by calling our experts at Champion Plumbing at 405-889-1318 today!

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