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Leaking water can cause problems in your home, ranging from health hazards to structural damage. Because plumbing leaks often take time to develop into big enough issues to show signs, act quickly if you find a leak in your home. Our Champion Plumbing professionals can perform tests for the detection of water leaks in Edmond homes, diagnose your plumbing problem areas, and repair them with expert ease.

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How Do I Know If I Have a Leak?

Leaking pipes don’t always announce themselves with streams of water down your walls. The effects of gradual water leakage take time to build up, and by the time you realize you have a leak, you’ve usually lost gallons of water. Some signs that point to a problem with your pipes include the following:

Leaky Pipes

Increased Utility Payments

If your water bills seem to increase every month, but you haven't been increasing your water usage, you may have a leak. To confirm that you have a plumbing problem, turn off all of your faucets and shut down appliances that use water. You definitely have a leak if you check your water meter and it keeps running despite the shut-off faucets.

Raised Humidity

While you need moisture in the air to enjoy a comfortable home, too much humidity may point to a bigger problem. As pipes leak, the water absorbs into the surrounding materials as it runs down your walls. Wet insulation, drywall, and flooring may contribute to higher humidity.

Water Damage

Have you noticed water stains appearing on your ceiling or walls? Maybe your wall's paint or wallpaper has bubbled up, wrinkled, or begun to sag. These signs indicate water damage that may soon hurt more than your home's appearance.

Low Water Pressure

Leaking pipes send water elsewhere, even when you turn on the faucet. Some homeowners blame their water supply or water heater for slow or reduced water pressure, but in many cases, their pipes have a leak.

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What Causes a Water Leak?

Many plumbing issues contribute to minor or major water leaks, leading to significant home damage regardless of the leak’s size. While interior or exterior forces may cause a leak, the most common culprits include:

  • Corroded or rusted pipes
  • Freezing temperatures
  • Clogged drains
  • Weakened pipe joints
  • Broken pipe connectors
  • Water pressure set too high
  • Tree roots breaking in

Whatever the cause of your leak, our experienced plumbers at Champion Plumbing can identify the source and fix it, so give us a call today!

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The Effects of a Water Leak on Your Home

Water leak repair in Edmond saves you from problems with excessive moisture. The most common issues a water leak can cause include the following:

Health Dangers

Besides creating puddles in your home, heavy moisture and humidity form the perfect conditions for mold. If your pipes leak water continuously, mold and mildew can grow, releasing spores that may trigger allergic reactions and worsen respiratory or sinus problems. Toilet leaks may pose a biohazard issue, potentially spreading raw sewage in hidden areas of your home.

Electrical Hazards

Your walls have more than plumbing running through them. Electrical wires, power outlets, and power boxes should remain dry to avoid potential electrocution. Compromised electrical wires can short-circuit and send sparks into your insulation and drywall, causing a dangerous and fast-spreading house fire.

Structural Damage

Waiting too long for water leak repair allows water to build up and damage wall studs and floor and ceiling joists. Wood swells up, bows, or otherwise warps, which can be expensive to repair. Your foundation also suffers from too much humidity, forming cracks that require pricey repairs.

How Champion Plumbing Can Help: Leak Repair FAQ

Our team knows how to detect leaks and repair them before they become huge problems. We've helped families across Edmond with water leaks, and some of the questions we see most frequently include:

If you discover a water leak, locate your main water valve and shut the water off. Many homes have the valve inside, but others may need to look next to the road for a small metal hatch concealing the water valve. Ensure no more water pumps into your house by checking the meter before you give us a call.

Anywhere you find water fixtures may pose a leak risk. Bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry rooms often turn out as the culprits behind leaking water. If we can’t find a leak in these rooms, we might check outside faucets and interior pipes before considering the lines leading into your home.

Our plumbers need to know where and when you found your leak, along with any signs you’ve noticed around the house. If you’ve heard dripping or running sounds in your walls, let us know. While some homeowners get shy about toilet or sewer line leaks, we’ve seen it all and won’t scare easily when saving your home from water leak damage. 

Our Champion Plumbing experts use various high-tech tools to determine the location and severity of plumbing leaks. Some devices and testing procedures you might see us use include:

  • Electronic listening devices
  • Hydrostatic pressure testing
  • Digital water detectors
  • Line tracer system
  • In-line sewer video camera

Depending on our evaluation, you may need minor repairs or complete replacement of your water lines. Many factors go into the decision to repair or replace your home’s plumbing, including:

  • The severity of the leak
  • Whether the pipe has rusted, cracked, or broken
  • How much damage the leak caused
  • The age of the plumbing

Trust Champion Plumbing with Your Edmond Home's Water Leak Repairs

When you discover signs of a plumbing leak in your home, quick action can save you from potential long-term damage or health problems. Call 405-889-1318 for professional water leak repair in Edmond from Champion Plumbing.

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