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Your sewer line may become damaged by tree root infiltration, ground shifting, and the effects of time. A broken sewer line is much more than an inconvenience. From backed-up sewage to mold and bacteria growth, a clog or break in your sewer line can jeopardize your health and safety. Any issues with the flow and integrity of your sewer line need to be addressed immediately.

Champion Plumbing of Spencer, provides comprehensive services for all your plumbing, heating, and cooling needs. We serve Spencer and surrounding communities with reliable, professional sewer line repair and maintenance. We can assess your pipes, find any leaks or damage that requires repair, and flush the pipes with a high-pressure jet spray.

Frequently Asked Questions About Sewer Line Repair

Depending on the condition of the pipes, sewer line repair cost averages between $3,000 and $12,000. The dig-and-replace method of sewer line repair costs around $50/foot. You can also replace a broken sewer line with the “pipe-busting process,” which uses a specialized machine to push the new pipeline into place.

There really isn’t a way to fix a clogged main sewer line yourself. Sewer lines are buried deep underground, stretch away from your home, and require a professional plumber with the equipment to handle the clog effectively.

Also called a sewer line belly, sewer line stomach is a common problem best described as a sag in the sewer pipe. It occurs when debris collects and causes the sewer line to back up. Sewer line stomach may be caused by geological events like soil erosion or earthquakes or when the foundation settles. Poor pipe installation may also result in sewer line stomach.

Left unrepaired, sediment collects in the middle of the sewer line, eventually leading to blockages, standing water, and significant backup in the line.

When your sewer line is broken, one of the first signs you will see is a disruption in the flow through the pipes. The greater the buildup of debris in the pipes, the greater the risk of water leaks and backups into your home. The debris also wears on the pipes, leading to structural damage if not resolved.

Mold growth is another important symptom of a broken sewer line. Mold growth in your basement, as well as in and around the pipes, can also be dangerous to your health, so cleaning it and repairing the sewer line should be done as quickly as possible.

Sewer gas odors are a sure sign you need to search for “sewer line repair near me.” The release of sewer gas is almost always due to a break in the sewer line.

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